Sunday, April 05, 2015

Must not suggest that white women are more attractive than black ones

Cosmopolitan magazine's website is facing heavy criticism over a beauty-focused trends feature which compared old, 'dead' looks with fresh and 'gorgeous' new ones - and used only white models to showcase the on-trend fashions, while the only women of color featured were all said to be off-trend.

The article, which is entitled '21 Beauty Trends That Need to Die in 2015' has sparked outrage among readers, many of whom have taken to social media to call for a boycott of the publication, which used only five black models in the feature, labeling their 'outdated' looks with 'RIP'.

'This is blatant racism. Stop letting random white women submit articles and get a real staff @Cosmopolitan (sic),' one person wrote on Twitter.

The article features a number of famous faces, from Kendall Jenner, who is applauded for her 'berry-colored lip color' while black model Joan Smalls is criticized for her 'black lipstick', to former Glee star Naya Rivera, who 'noticeable contouring' was given the magazine's 'RIP' stamp of disapproval, while a Calvin Klein catwalk model's more subtle attempt was given the thumbs up.

Despite being published back in January of this year, the article's potentially discriminatory angle has only just been brought to light, after someone posted their views on the piece on Twitter.

Since then it has been shared thousands of times across several social media platforms, with many people demanding that the article be removed altogether - while others insist that Cosmopolitan issues a full apology for its actions. 

Despite its apology however, it appears the magazine has made no effort to remove the offending article from its website - a fact which many of its critics have found incredibly insensitive.


Since a majority of Americans are white, it's a fair guess that they find whites more attractive.  The magazine was just serving its audience


Anonymous said...

It is just a guess since I don't read the magazines, but I would be willing to bet that JET or EBONY magazines have substantially more black models than white ones on their pages.


Anonymous said...

Aren't such magazines as JET and EBONY by definition "racist"? Are there equivalent ones with titles like "OPAL" and "IVORY"??

Anonymous said...

Rich black men seem to agree that white women are more attractive. Tiger Woods, Seal, Quincy Jones all had tall, willowy, blond wives. A short sample of a very long list.

Anonymous said...

The professionally offended on behalf of others are busy again !

Anonymous said...

I looked up the source. The "2015" looks, by and large, were not better just different than the "2014" looks - which, btw, I never saw on ANYONE in 2014. Anonymous 12:22 AM nailed it.

Bird of Paradise said...

Michealle Obama has a face that would stop a clock better not allow her into London