Monday, April 06, 2015

Another noose!  What fun!  I wonder which Leftist will be found to have put it up this time?

The discovery of a noose at Duke University is only the latest in a string of racially charged incidents on campuses nationwide. Colleges might be serving as a crucible for America's seismic racial shifts.

Less than a week after the United States Department of Justice indicted a Georgia man for putting a noose around a civil rights statue at the University of Mississippi, students in Durham, N.C., early Wednesday discovered a noose hanging from a tree at Duke University.

The noose is the latest in a series of high-profile incidents at colleges in the United States, including revelations of racist fraternity chants at the University of Oklahoma and other schools, including Duke.



slinky said...

Maybe it was put there my someone who wanted to depart their miserable life.

Well there's a brand new dance with a brand new angle
It's the very last waltz and it's called the dangle
You tie a rope round your neck and stand on a chair
And you kick it away and your dancing on air.
Do the dangle baby
Do the dangle baby
Do the dangle baby

Anonymous said...


That would still be a leftist.

Anonymous said...

Should be automatic now to look for an aggrieved lefty making to much out of this. Do that and you will find the culprit. No conservative student would consider doing such a thing if is sane. Automatic expulsion along with the stigma that follows. Too much to lose, whereas a lefty would be forgiven.

Anonymous said...

Liberals have no regard for honesty.

Bird of Paradise said...

Anon 12:48 That's why many of them are politicians