Tuesday, April 07, 2015

How many layers of bureaucracy does it take to write a joke these days?

The joyless Left is the enemy of  humor, as well as much else

Comics at the BBC must go through a lengthy process to get some jokes on air because the Corporation is extra-wary about causing offence, an editor at the company has claimed.

Chris Sussman, executive editor for comedy, revealed particular jokes have to go through 'quite a lot of layers' to be approved.

Some jokes even have to be looked over by director general Lord Hall - alongside editorial policy advisers, the channel and legal advisers - before they are aired, he said.



Anonymous said...

The joyless Left is the enemy of humor, as well as much else

They only think something is funny if it is somehow bad for conservatives.

Malcolm Smith said...

I'm reminded of a comedian saying at the end of his show on British TV - initially in the calmest and most reasonable of voices: "Remember, we're comedians. We have to take our humour where we find it. So if anything I said happened to offend any of you - TOUGH!"