Thursday, April 23, 2015

Again:  Must not use American Indian names 

Even if you are one!

"A Native American woman has accused Facebook of being discriminatory after she was prevented from continuing to use her unusual name on the social media platform.  Brenna Happy Cloud of Salem, Oregon, found herself locked out of her Facebook account last week. 

With no access to her contacts, photos and messages, Happy Cloud admits it was a difficult time as she typically posts five or six times a day and has a large network of more than one thousand online friends. 

Facebook's helpdesk eventually contacted Happy Cloud and asked for proof of identity and even a copy of her social security card.  In order to get her account back online, Happy Cloud has had to change her screen name to her married name, Rojas, even though she is no longer with her husband. 

Happy Cloud also said that she believes her Native American heritage has been undermined by Facebook's discriminatory policies.



Anonymous said...

Politically Correct extremists know no bounds in the excessive zeal.

Anonymous said...

Those of us who do not participate in social media are constantly amazed users continuing to support an entity that does not care about them or their privacy.


Bird of Paradise said...

There's a low growing flowering plant called Squaws Carpet

slinky said...

If you don't like Facebook, don't use it.