Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Germanwings: can we no longer call mad people mad?

Apparently it is now forbidden to refer to someone who killed 149 people in a pointless act of mountainside barbarism as a ‘madman’. Seriously. The Sun found this out today after it dared to run with the headline ‘Madman in cockpit’ in relation to the Germanwings air disaster, which is now thought to have been a conscious and suicidal act of mass murder on the part of the co-pilot, Andreas Lubitz.

Academics, tweeters and tabloid-loathers have, well, gone mad over the Sun’s headline, ironically frothing like loonies over the Sun’s use of loony-like language. I’m sorry, but if you can’t call someone who is suspected of killing 149 innocent souls in the most horrible and calculated fashion a ‘madman’, then who can be branded with the m-word? Anyone? No one?

It has been discovered that Lubitz was suffering from a mental illness, and officials now believe that this could have been a factor in his seeming decision to coolly crash his airplane into the side of the Alps. But according to the Guardian we must be super-careful in how we talk about Lubitz. It accuses the Sun of ‘stigmatising depression’ by referring to Lubitz as a ‘madman’.

This is bonkers (I have lots more of these madness-related adjectives): the Sun was describing Lubitz as a madman because he killed himself and 149 people in a bizarre way (allegedly), not because he was depressed. He behaved madly, hence the madman tag. What’s the problem?



Anonymous said...

The professional agonizers are in a paroxysm over the use of the misogynistic term "madman". Anyone of sound progressive mind will tell you that the correct word is "madperson".

Bird of Paradise said...

I can recall when that idiot Ramsey Clark was demanding we appoligise to LIBYA after we bombed Tripoli after they attacked our aircraft in International Waters STUPID RAMSEY SCREWBALL

Malcolm Smith said...

This is crazy.

stinky said...

Losers, who hate themselves, hate the society in which they lose, and are always looking for any excuse, contrived or otherwise, to puff themselves up over it. It's a status-anxiety thing.

Anonymous said...

What is crazy are people who still like Beanie Babies, Mr. Malcom. Think about it.

Flu Bird said...

You give losers a bad name, dude. Chill out.