Monday, April 06, 2015

Hysterical "justice".  Part of a witch-hunt on fraternities?

North Carolina State University disbanded a fraternity chapter Wednesday following the discovery of a notebook filled with sexist and racially offensive entries in a restaurant off campus.

University Chancellor Randy Woodson announced that the Tau Chapter of the Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity was disbanded, effective immediately. The fraternity was ordered to immediately vacate its on-campus house.

Woodson's announcement comes one week after the notebook containing sexist and racist remarks attributed to Pi Kappa Phi fraternity members was found at a restaurant near campus. The book and its contents were then featured by a local television station.


The notebook was not found at or near the fraternity house nor was it linked to any particular fraternity member.  Some people obviously supect that it was written by a fratertnity member but where is the proof?  Is there any evidence at all?  It could be just another Leftist provocation.


slinky said...

"It could be just another Leftist provocation."

Or it could be Jesus putting it there, as a joke.
Or it could be from some idiot in a fraternity
Or it could be a message from aliens from the 5th dimension.
Or it could be a vast right wing conspiracy.
Or it could be Obama starting a race war.
Or it could be a pattern left when Ann Coulter and Bill Maher wiped their asses.

Anonymous said...

The universities seem to be immune to the justice system and have become judge, jury and executioner all on there own. No wonder Obama has no respect for the constitution given he was a professor in constitutional law. He is just following his usual university principles.

Anonymous said...

University administrations are not interested in due process.
They are tyrants in their little domains.

Bird of Paradise said...

I guess these university freakos dont belevie in Free Speech typical commie scumballs