Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A very poor joke

The current climate of fear surrounding women has been done no favours by the insensitive fashion choice of one festival goer at Coachella. 

A photo of the man wearing a shirt that says ‘eat, sleep, rape, repeat’ was tweeted by magazine editor Jemayel Khawaja and has people furious, with good reason.

Khawaja said it best in his tweet with the line “I’m not easy to offend, but this is shitty”. 

Pushing boundaries has become a norm in the fashion industry, with many scrambling to grab the attention of others with their fashion choices. The shirt was spotted by another festival goer who also took to twitter to voice her anger.


He looks like a loser anyway


Bird of Paradise said...

More bad tastes in T-Shirts like the Che T-Shirts but ecsepted by liberal ca,pus adminastrators

Anonymous said...

He looks like a loser anyway

Definitely so.

Anonymous said...

Why on earth anyone, ANYONE, would wear something like this is beyond me.

Flu-Bird said...

Al Gore and David Suzuki wearing STUPID and IM WITH STUPID T-Shirts or Al Gore and Robert Kennedy Jr wearing the same kind of T-Shirts

Aalpha Skua said...

Will they demand he remove his T-Shirt like they have tried to do with those wearing NRA or Streight Pride T-Shirts