Friday, April 03, 2015

Confederate display okayed in Florida

A Confederate-themed Civil War display that includes a controversial battle flag will go up as scheduled Thursday at Brevard County's main library in Cocoa — just as it has for the past decade.

After hearing speakers on both sides of the issue, the Brevard County Commission voted Tuesday against changing its policy on displays by the public at its libraries.

Commissioner voted 4-1 not to change county policy, fearing a change could be interpreted as censorship.  "I do not want to start censoring," Commissioner Trudie Infantini said.

Tuesday's County Commission discussion followed a citizens' request filed by the Central Brevard County branch of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The NAACP said it opposes the annual display by the Brevard County-based Confederate Sons Association of Florida Indian River Camp 47.



Anonymous said...

The Confederacy was built on the vicious evil of slavery; it does not need to be celebrated, it needs to be condemned. Those people should be ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous said...

1:18 I think you miss the point. Firstly, you or anyone is free to criticize the display on whatever grounds, including historical accuracy, or you can express your own view of what people did in the past (and note it was 150 years ago).
Meanwhile, you and others are free to mount their own interpretation of history, but if certain flags where actual flags at the time, their relevance cannot be avoided, nor should be.

Use the Name, Luke said...

Well said, 2:14.

If you change or repress history, it becomes impossible to learn from it.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if those with their panties in a twist over a Confederate flag are also offended by the flags of the countries where slavery still exists. Anyone up for ripping down their flags at the UN?

ISIS flag on a college campus, no problem. Confederate flag, I am outraged. Yah, right.

Bird of Paradise said...

Hear the cries from Jessie Jackson and his Rainbow/PUSH idiots hear the cries from AL SHARPTON,LOUIS FARAHKAN and the leftists NAACP of BOYCOTT FLORIDA i hope lots of people visit florida this summer way more then California

Anonymous said...

This happens to be from the County in which I live.

The real question was whether the County Commission should be able to censor (and there is no other word for it) what is displayed in the case if the contents don't violate "community standards" and is not obscene.

The NAACP rep and other people who spoke against the display of the flag said they wanted the display to not be allowed because "it offended them." Many more people spoke in favor of the display. Even more spoke in favor of the idea of free speech.

People should be leery of those who want the government to limit speech because they are offended by what a group or person is saying. this time it might be for what offends you. Next time an idea in which you believe offends someone else.

The answer to controversial speech is ALWAYS more speech - not less.

Flu-Bird said...

I'm offended everytime they start using PC terms like BCE(Before Common Era)and CE(Common Era)its just so rediculous and silly

Anonymous said...

What will the NAACP do when the Latino's outnumber them and want to fly the Mexican flag full time because they can? Don't hear a word out of the NAACP at Cinco De Mayo time because they think the Latino's are sticking it to the white guy. Wait till they no longer have the public voice they once had.

slinky said...

Much ado about nothing, from everybody.

Anonymous said...

So that must include Slinky by his own logic.

Anonymous said...

NAZI Germany is a historical fact, but it does not need to be commemorated.

Anonymous said...

Wrong Anon. 12:27
Nazi Germany MUST be commemorated.
It should not be celebrated but is should be remembered.
The word 'commemorate' comes from the Latin commemoratus = to bring to remembrance.
We should never forget Nazi Germany so we do not forget the lessons learnt.

Anonymous said...

The lessons may be "learned", but often ignored.