Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Katie Hopkins is criticised by the UNITED NATIONS after calling illegal immigrants 'cockroaches'

Being criticized by the hate-filled United Nations is a great honor

The UN's rights chief has urged Britain to crack down on tabloid newspapers inciting racial hatred after a columnist for The Sun called migrants 'cockroaches'.

In a hard-hitting statement, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad Al Husein said Katie Hopkins had used language similar to that employed by some Rwandan media outlets in the run-up to the 1994 genocide, and by the Nazis in the 1930s.

He said the April 17 article in the newspaper was reflective of a 'nasty underbelly of racism that is characterising the migration debate in an increasing number of EU countries'.

This was also 'sapping compassion for the thousands of people fleeing conflict, human rights violations and economic deprivation who are drowning in the Mediterranean,' he said.

Zeid asked British authorities, media, and regulatory bodies to take immediate steps to stop racial and inflammatory articles.

The high commissioner said the Hopkins piece was 'simply one of the more extreme examples of thousands of anti-foreigner articles that have appeared in UK tabloids over the past two decades.'



slinky said...

Brains as well as boobs.

Anonymous said...

The UN at it's core is dedicated to transferring the wealth of first world nations to the third world and their present ruse is to push that anyone can flee persecution (including so called economic persecution) to anywhere the want and the invaded country has to accept them and of course feed and nurture them. They hate being called out on their quest and get quite vociferous in it's defense.


Bird of Paradise said...


Anonymous said...

How many of these do-gooders who sanction illegal immigration would call the police if a refugee jumped their fence and squatted in their backyard? Every one of them. Once again the hypocrisy is outstanding. The UNHRC is to be noted by the number of member countries on the committee who are major human rights violators but criticise Western countries for imaginary infractions. It is time that the UN was disbanded and a new union of countries with Western values is created before the world self destructs.

Alpha Skua said...

The UN is full of cockroachers many many cockroachers

Anonymous said...

Do you perhaps mean Ban Ki Moon Bird?
In any event, the language was unfortunate. Whether you adopt a hardline on illegal immigration or not we are still talking about people - generally desperate people.
Finally, the High Commissioner will no doubt be condemning the dubious human rights record of his homeland of Jordan next, right?