Friday, May 30, 2014

Must not mention that women are big buyers of shoes

Last Saturday night millions of football fans watched as Real Madrid won the European Cup in one of the most eagerly-awaited fixtures of the sporting calendar.

But, according to a Heineken advert shown in Brazil before the game, none of them were women, as they were all too busy shopping for shoes instead.

In the ad, the beer brand teamed up with Shoestock to offer a 50 per cent off shoes sale online and in stores, starting at exactly the same time as the game, in order to keep wives and girlfriends of sports fans busy.

The advert has been removed from YouTube after attracting a barrage of criticism for its sexist content

In the short clip, a voice-over offers men the opportunity to watch the game with their friends 'without ditching the wife, because this time she'll be ditching you'.

The voice-over adds that the sale will give women 'everything to make her think only about shoes, and especially not about where you are.'

One user wrote: Thank you, Heineken, for reminding me that my place is JUST in a store thinking about my appearance and not drinking your beer, which was my favourite, watching sports with my friends, which I thought was fun.'



Bird of Paradise said...

Elemba Maros and his many many shoes

Anonymous said...

As usual, no sense of humor and maximum sense of outrage

Anonymous said...

If you don't like the stereotype then don't conform to it. I am quite sure the majority of males would agree that most women have a shoe obsession.

Go Away Bird said...

The trouble with liberals today is if they don't like what they see then it must be totaly removed from the public