Thursday, May 22, 2014

Must not give the impression that most criminals are black

Even if they are

Spain's Interior Ministry has come under fire for a crime prevention campaign in which all the burglars are black... but attempted to defend itself by saying it was inspired by the Three Wise Men.

The safety warning was criticised by anti-racism campaigners and opposition politicians after a series of posters warning against burglars only featured figures with black faces.

In one of the posters three of the figures can be seen riding on a camel, while another shows what appears to be a woman with a black face, arms and legs carrying a bag of  money.

The ministry has attempted to dismiss the allegations by saying the characters had been wearing balaclavas.

Their argument failed to impress critics however who pointed out the characters also had black hands and legs.



Bird of Paradise said...

No free speech in the Eutoweenie Union

Anonymous said...

Brinks security commercials seem to only have white home invaders portrayed. Their careful choice not to use dark skinned actors to portray criminals is as rather glaring as not, but they can't be easily attacked by the perpetually offended for it.