Friday, May 09, 2014

Must not asssociate black men with King Kong

Sydney Swans veteran Adam Goodes [an Australian Aborigine] has revealed his friendship with Eddie McGuire is over following the racial comments he made about the player last year.

Adam Goodes was shocked when Eddie McGuire made racial comments about him on radio last year

At the time of the incident McGuire, 49, went public with an apology and said he would remain as Collingwood' President despite pressure for him to resign.

The Triple M radio presenter made a terrible error in judgement by suggesting Adam Goodes be flown down from Sydney to Melbourne to help promote King Kong the musical.



Bird of Paradise said...

King Kong was a lot more civilized

Anonymous said...

This from the man who accused a 13yo girl of being racist because she called him a big ape just like she calls to the white players. She didn't call him a black ape so he decided to invent his offendedness. For this they made him Australian of the year. Should have been made bigot of the year.

Go Away Bird said...

How about returning this specimen to africa if he cant learn to behave