Monday, May 26, 2014

Now BBC bans the G-word: Sports reporter joked that he’d been beaten in judo bout by a 19-year-old GIRL... so ‘sexist’ word cut from broadcast

Will the idiocy ever stop?

The BBC was embroiled in an extraordinary censorship row last night after cutting the word ‘girl’ from a documentary about the Commonwealth Games, fearing it might cause 'offence'.

Broadcaster Mark Beaumont, 31, joked after being hurled to the floor by a judo champion: ‘I am not sure I can live that down – being beaten by a 19-year-old girl.’

His remark was broadcast in full when the 30-minute episode of The Queen’s Baton Relay was first shown on the BBC News Channel in April.

But evidently sensitive to charges of sexism, BBC executives decided to edit out the word ‘girl’ when the programme was repeated last week, leaving an awkward pause in place of the offending word.

Asked by a viewer what had happened, Mr Beaumont tweeted: ‘Maybe the editor thought it was sexist – it wasn’t. I’m not worried about it.’

Even the judo champion involved, Cynthia Rahming, was left bemused. ‘I wasn’t offended – I didn’t find it sexist,’ she told The Mail on Sunday.

Elsewhere, it divided opinion, with some TV presenters, including Mariella Frostrup, 51, backing the BBC’s stance.



Anonymous said...

Did they stop to think that by censoring the word "girl", people would automatically fill in the blank with something MORE offensive?
I'd figure the word "girl" would be empowering to women.
Oh well... there's no sense in political correctness.

Anonymous said...

"Well, so what? What's wrong with bein' sexy?"

Points for identifying the quote.

Anonymous said...

In PC land women must be de-gendered or made into lesbian bull dykes (although they will insist you use different words, lest they ruin your life and career).

Anonymous said...

"Will the idiocy ever stop?" NO! It will even get worse. However, it just may, maybe, possibly get bad enough that people will start to laugh at it - even the Slime Stream Media...

Bird of Paradise said...

Goof off and Goon as well as Gushing

Anonymous said...

Bossy BBC, land of faggotry.

Anonymous said...

3:24 By "land of faggotry" do you mean the BBC itself or Britain in general. In either case please justify, and why your own land is different (if you think it is).