Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fury over 'offensive' 'Pakistani only' to let sign in Lancashire

I personally think landlords should be free to choose whom they want living on their premises.  It is a property right.  But "whites only" signs have in the past been heavily penalized

A ‘TO LET’ sign advertising for a Pakistani family only has shocked a community.

Both police and Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson received a dozen complaints from residents after the sign appeared in a window at a house in Nelson.

The handwritten advert posted in the window of a property in Railway Street read ‘For Rent, 3 Bedrooms, Just Pakistani Family’ with an attached mobile number.

Police officers tracked down the landlord following complaints about the ‘distasteful’ sign and it was removed.

Inspector Paul Goodall, of Pendle Police, said: “The landlord hasn’t committed any offences, and when we went round and asked him to take it down, he said ‘fair enough’ and took it down.

“We spoke to him and gave him some advice, and were satisfied it was not intended with any sort of malice.  “It was, in his opinion, to have some nice residents in the area..

“But the reality of the situation is, it might be deemed to be distasteful or inappropriate, which it is my opinion.

“There was no criminal act committed, and we would have dealt with it seriously if there was.


If he had been white and put up a "whites only" sign a "criminal act" would have been detected immediately.


Anonymous said...

"What's all this then. Don't you know distasteful is illegal? Who am I? Nincompoop of the Yard."

Glad to see crime has been eradicated in the UK and the coppers now have nothing better to do than this.

Anonymous said...

Clearly unequal treatment here, as if the sign said "No Blacks", or "No Pakis" or no "Paddies" (Irish), it would have contravened Britain's anti-discrimination laws - and there were plenty of all such signs before those laws were enacted. Another case of reverse racism going on.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the Pakistani got the reasonable treatment everyone else SHOULD be getting but instead get the third degree at the police station.

President Not Sure said...

4:06: Theres no such thing. Its either racist or not racist. In this case its clearly racist.