Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Chinese lady in Finland is a strong personality

I like her individuality.  She joined an anti-immigration party, a most unusual thing for an immigrant to do.  But when you realize that the immigrants being criticized are mostly Muslims from the Middle East and Africa, you can see that a high-quality Chinese lady might not be impressed by them.

She has however retained an affection for her homeland and tends to defend China from critics.  So she said something that for many years was conventional  -- that traitors should be executed.  That was too much for the anti-immigration party, however, and they expelled her.  She says they just didn't feel comfortable with a Chinese in their ranks, which could be true

It was a cold winter's day 17 years ago when nine-year-old Belle Selene Xia stepped off a plane and first set eyes on the Finnish capital, Helsinki. Three days later, the little girl from Chongqing, saw snow for the first time.

She did not know this Nordic country would become her home and she certainly couldn't have imagined that she would marry a Finn, receive a PhD from a Finnish university and give birth in Finland (her second child is on the way). She also had no inkling that she, an immigrant herself, would one day join the country's leading anti-immigration party - and then be hounded out for being "too intolerant".

Around the turn of the year, Xia, then a deputy Helsinki city councillor, went head-to-head with a local human rights organisation that had organised a seminar on the spiritual movement Falun Gong. The Chinese authorities systematically harvest the organs of living practitioners of the movement, the group claims.

In an e-mail exchange with the group, Xia hit out at the Falun Gong, which is banned in the mainland. As the dialogue became heated, Xia is reported to have written, "A person whose goal is to destroy China and bring down the Chinese government is a traitor and deserves to die!"

Not long after that outburst, Xia was expelled from the True Finns' council group.

According to the group chairman, Harri Lindell, "The most significant reason for her expulsion were these Falun Gong statements, in which she said, among other things, that people of a different opinion deserve to die."



Disillusioned said...

Amazing how you can have a 9yr old girl grow up in a country like Finland, receive a full education and still become indoctrinated to the communist Chinese values.

It goes a long way to explaining the extremist Islamic views held by second gen Australian Muslims.

Anonymous said...

Or 2nd/3rd generation Muslims across Europe. Obviously they get an identity crisis or just the usual rebeling against the surrounding culture one is raised in.