Monday, May 26, 2014

Another episode of manufactured hate speech

Blacks have been known before to fake hate-speech against themselves.  It pays

A Tennessee man who was accused of using a racial slur on a receipt at a Red Lobster restaurant last year is suing the restaurant chain and the waitress who cashed in on the incident after she posted a copy of the receipt on the Internet.

Devin Barnes, 21, claims he never wrote the racial slur on the receipt, and that the negative attention he received as a result of the way Toni Christina Jenkins - the waitress who claims to have received the slur - publicized the incident is slanderous.

On the receipt, a photo of which was posted on Facebook and Youtube in September by the 19-year-old waitress, the line designated for a tip read 'none.' On the line for the total, it read 'n***er.'

Jenkins left a caption on the photo that was uploaded to her Facebook page that read 'This is what I got as a tip last happy to live in the proud southern states...God Bless America, land of the free and home of the low class racists of Tennessee.'

Barnes' signature is visible in the photo directly below the offensive slur.

In the weeks following Jenkins' posting the photo on the web, the left-wing blog started an online fundraiser for her that raised more than $10,000 - money Jenkins later said she planned to use to buy a car.

Barnes admits that he didn't tip Jenkins, but says he didn't tip her because the order was a takeout order - but he adamant that he never wrote the slurs on the receipt, and even hired a hand-writing analyst to take analyze the receipt.

The handwriting analyst found that 'no significant handwriting characteristics similarities' were found between the questioned 'total' entry line and the handwriting samples provided by Barnes and his wife, the Tennessean reports.



Anonymous said...

This sort of thing makes you wonder just how many so-called "hate crimes" are manufactured.
For example, Matthew Shepherd, gay "martyr", whose death was not so much a "hate crime", but a drug deal gone very very wrong.

Anonymous said...

oh yes - never blame homophobes for their crimes.

Anonymous said...

The Shepherd incident was a drug deal gone bad. However, since Matthew's been beatified by the Church of the Perpetual Perversion, the truth matters not.

Anonymous said...

As usual anyone not heterosexual is absolved from any responsibility of there actions.

Anonymous said...

So the victim should be blamed for being murdered by heterosexuals pretending to be gay in order to sell him drugs? I guess that absolves heterosexals!

Bird of Paradise said...

Those who manafacture these hate crimes need to be fined and given jail time

Anonymous said...

i hope he sues the pants off these assholes.

Sure for the 10k she got too!

Its time we treated fake hate accusations as forcefully as real ones!

Blacks better pay attention, if this continues the next time a real hate crime happens no one will believe you. If in doubt please read the book "the boy who cried wolf!"