Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Fury at trendy fashion label's logo that bears an astonishing resemblance to NAZI eagle

There is a resemblance but they are not at all identical.  Do we have to watch what we resemble these days?

Angry shoppers have demanded people boycott a fashion brand, claiming its logo bears a striking resemblance to the Nazi eagle insignia which became the national symbol of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich.

A-list celebrities including singers Rhianna and Jessie J and model Cara Delevingne, have been spotted wearing the UK-based Boy London brand in the past.

The brand's logo depicts a spread-winged eagle perched on a podium on top of the letter 'O' in the world 'Boy', which is written underneath.

Outraged customers have called for the company to take action after drawing comparisons with the infamous Nazi Parteiadler symbol. The image was used as the emblem for Hitler's party.

The eagle is facing the same way as in the Boy London logo, but carrying a swastika in its claws, instead of the 'O'.

Department store, Fenwick, have now withdrawn the brand from its position at the entrance to their store in Brent Cross Shopping Centre in north-west London.

A spokeswoman for the store said: 'Our Boy London line is no longer on the shop floor as we investigate the matter directly with the brand.'

One customer, Polish-born Jakub Mozdzanowski, 34, said: 'I saw the logo on a T-shirt a few weeks ago and it wasn’t a good feeling. Then I saw it on someone else a week later and I even went over to speak to them.



Stan B said...

Unfortunately, that's one of those "too close to defend to the ignorant."

Anonymous said...

The eagles in US insignia look very suspect too.

Use the Name, Luke said...

That does look close enough to be intentional mimicry or ripoff of the Nazi symbol.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least it's not an eagle with its head to the side inside a white circle on a red flag, that would be WAY too close to the Nazis

Anonymous said...

Look at the source article and you'll see the Nazi eagle was less stylized and less uniform. See the eagle for the Graf Spree being raised and notice that particular eagle faces forward and the wings are more rounded at the end than many of the other Nazi eagles.

There's too much variety in what the Nazis used and besides we cannot let them own this for eternity anyway. That nation is dead, leave it buried instead of this incessant digging up the corpse so you can show people how bad it smells.

Anonymous said...

Some of the most aggressive and expansionist countries and empires have used the eagle in their flags and insignia - the Roman empire, the Austrian empire, the German empire and the later Nazis, the Napoleonic empire, the Russian empire, and yes, the US global "empire".

Bird of Paradise said...

And the 70's peace symbol the chicken footprint in the circle is a satanic logo the christian cross turned upside down with the cross arms bent down