Monday, May 12, 2014

Broadcaster forced to quit by BBC after accidentally playing a song with the N-word

The BBC was facing criticsm last night after it forced a radio presenter to resign after he unwittingly played a song containing a deeply offensive racist slur.

David Lowe, a veteran radio broadcaster, played a song on his show which, unbeknown to him, contained a phrase using the N-word.

When a listener complained Mr Lowe offered either to apologise on air or resign. His BBC managers initially said he would have to resign, but after the affair threatened to become public the corporation underwent a sudden about turn and has now stated he can have his job back.

However the broadcaster said he had been left so stressed by the BBC’s attitude that he no longer feels well enough to continue working.

During his nostalgic Sunday evening music show, Swingers and Stingers, which is broadcast across south west England, Mr Lowe last month played a recording from 82 years ago of The Sun Has Got His Hat On, by Ambrose & His Orchestra.

Mr Lowe said that, in his case at least, “where political correctness is concerned in the UK today, there is no room for excuses or forgiveness”.


The BBC went into overdrive over ONE complaint


Anonymous said...

At what point will common-sense prevail with this PC bullshit?

Anonymous said...

play any rap song and you will hear that word about 500 times!

Funny how blacks can say it but if a white person plays that song HE's the racists!

Bird of Paradise said...

No Free Speech in the European Soviet Union