Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Genetics theory slammed as ‘racist’

A plausible theory is not so much debated as denounced. To Leftists, all mention of genetics is "racist" and hence not to be discussed

A BOOK claiming genetics lies behind the emergence of ­Europe and parts of Asia as economic powerhouses has been criticised by scientists.

A Troublesome Inheritance by Nicholas Wade, a New York Times science writer for 30 years, says that since the sequencing of the human genome in 2003, evidence of genetic differences has been mounting.

After our ancestors left Africa, he says, different groups of people evolved in slightly different ways to adapt to local conditions. The most successful of those people passed on their ­adaptations to their offspring.

Wade also challenges the consensus that human evolution stopped shortly after the Stone Age. “New analyses of the human genome have established that human evolution has been recent, copious, and regional,” he writes. Populations have changed, grown lactose intolerant for example, or adjusted to live at high altitudes or in severely cold climates, he writes.

This part of the book has been relatively well received. However, his subsequent argument that there are genetic group differences in behaviour and cognitive skills, and that human history can be explained by genetics has left him vulnerable to attack. In The Times of London yesterday, Matt Ridley said he couldn’t accept the idea that genes account for momentous events in history, such as the Industrial Revolution.

Wade says evidence from surnames shows that entrepreneurial Europeans out-bred their less-able citizens, creating a hotbed for creativity. “The ability of the rich to raise more surviving children slowly diffused the social behaviours required for modern prosperity into the wider society.”

These behaviours became the fertile soil for the Industrial Revolution, which vaulted Britain out of poverty and paved the way for Western domination. “The rise of the West is an event not just in history but also in human evolution,” he writes.

Ridley responded: “Yes, there would have been genetic change in European society as certain types of personality had more offspring. But surely this was not fast enough and large enough an effect to spark the ­Industrial Revolution”.

Wade’s argument has run into criticism elsewhere. The US statistician Andrew Gelman calls his book “racist”.

In the book, Wade points out that in the early 1950s Ghana and South Korea had similar economies. Thirty years later, South Korea had become the world’'s 14th-largest economy while Ghana’s had stagnated.

The author believes South Koreans valued thrift, investment, hard work, education and discipline while Ghanaians had different values, and he attributes these attitudes towards East Asian genes.



Anonymous said...

smart people with a good work ethic and drive create children of the same mindset, for the most part.

Lazy entitled people breed the opposite. Make sense to me!

Facts cannot be racists they can be right to or wrong, if they are wrong PROVE IT, don't simply call someone racists without proof!

Use the Name, Luke said...

The author believes South Koreans valued thrift, investment, hard work, education and discipline while Ghanaians had different values, and he attributes these attitudes towards East Asian genes.

Wait, so he's claiming that ideas are genetic? Apparently this guy is from the shallow end of the gene pool. </sarc>

My first thought was that this guy is certainly in line with the title of Darwin's second book on evolution: "On The Origin of Species By Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle For Life"

Title Page

Bird of Paradise said...

Everything is racsist according to whinning little liberal panietards

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how he explains the timing of these genetic traits coming to the fore...
If there is an underlying genetic explanation then either Korea should have been more 'advanced' then Ghana since pre-history or a new 'success' gene developed post WWII.
And why was the Muslim world so advanced in mathematics, astronomy, and medicine until the Middle Ages - then stagnated? Did their success gene disappear around then but pop up in Europe?

Anonymous said...

I hope when "Luke" quotes Darwin that he isn't one of those ignoramuses who calls Darwin a racist because of the reference to "Favoured Races", which wasn't refering to human races directly but to races of any organism (just as we now sometimes refer to breeds of dogs as races).

Go Away Bird said...

Liberals are genericly a very inferior speice's

Uno Hu said...

Genes? What could genes possibly have to do with intelligence or personality traits. Genes only control skin color - every one who is not an idiot or a racist or both knows this in the depths of their soul.

Now could someone explain to me why horses with thoroughbred genes are better at long races than those with quarterhorse genes. Oh, and explain why cows with Holstein genes give more milk than cows with angus genes. I'll bet it was their home environment when they were colts/calves, and perhaps quarterhorses and angus cows were enslaved at some point, right?

Anonymous said...

While aspects of intelligence and fortitude might be inherited, culture and traditions play a more significant role. Take a super intelligent individual and subject immerse them in a culture of shiftlessness, sloth, and you will find a great many of them will also become lazy or unproductive. However, this goes back to an old debate of nature vs nurture.

Anonymous said...

The successes or failures of whole populations/countries in competing with others has a lot to do with un/lucky breaks that can lead to other successes/failures, whether that's a "water-shed" military battle, or some skill at say boat-building that leads to naval power, or sitting on some valuable resources like coal, oil or gold, or some technological discoveries leading to important industries, etc., etc.
Most in any population would be the same as regards the range of intelligence and abilities, but the evolving environments they find themselves in will awaken or suppress their potentials.

Flu-Bird said...

Liberals are always looking for a chance to whine about something their natural born whinners