Friday, May 09, 2014

Calif. Bill Banning State Sale Of Confederate Flag Passes‏

California state government departments will be prohibited from selling or displaying items with an image of the Confederate flag under a bill that passed the Assembly on Monday.

AB2444 by Assemblyman Isadore Hall, D-Compton, is headed to the Senate after passing on a 72-1 vote. Hall introduced the bill after his mother saw replica Confederate money being sold at the state Capitol gift shop.

He called the image a symbol of racism meant to intimidate. “Its symbolism in history is directly linked to the enslavement, torture and murder of millions of Americans,” Hall said of the Confederate flag. “The state of California should not be in the business of promoting hate toward others.”

The only lawmaker to vote against the bill was Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, the leading Republican candidate for governor. “We shouldn’t be here picking the kind of speech we like,” he said. “I am not standing here defending the symbol. I am standing here defending the principle that the First Amendment principles should apply in all state buildings, of all places.”

Courts have upheld the rights of individuals to display the Confederate flag while also upholding the rights of government agencies to limit what they endorse.

Earlier this year, Georgia approved a specialty license plate featuring the Confederate flag.



Anonymous said...

Will they ban items with the Mexican flag on them because of the association of Mexico with the murder and suppression of indigenous native populations?

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall that Californians' weren't particularly welcoming to Chinese immigrants. Guess California flags can't be sold either. Perhaps the flag should be redesigned, as so many 'injustices' occurred under it.

Bird of Paradise said...

I hope someone brings a lawsuit and has it declared UNCONTITUTIONAL if Govenor Moonbeam signs it

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that if a Civil War exhibition is held in a State Museum that they can't sell any items that depict the flags used?
How odd.

Anonymous said...

Or State Art Galleries can't display civil war paintings if there's a Confederate flag in it?

Go Away Bird said...

But they'll allow for the Communists flag or a CHE flag

Anonymous said...

How stupid! Don't they realize the more they demonize that flag they are actually increasing the profile and symbolic importance of the confederate flag. They are actually making the problem worse. Of course that is what government here in California does best.

Flu-Bird said...

I hope someone brings a law suit over this if Moonbeam Brown signs it