Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Must not laugh at Tongans

As Polynesians, Tongans do have a high crime rate when in Australia or New Zealand.  The  concept of private property seems difficult for many Polynesians

Chris Lilley's portrayal of Jonah Takalua has been criticised as racist by a one of Australia's Tongan community members.

The fictional character, who is of Tongan descent, first emerged in Lilley's TV series Summer Heights High.

The Logie-winning comedian has since gone on to bring back the 14-year-old rebellious school boy in the series Jonah from Tonga, which will first go to air tonight.

SBS's Meliame Fifita, who presents the Tongan program, said the show was a misrepresentation of Tongans.

'It's quite concerning that it's going to create a stereotype of Tongans as troublemakers and the younger ones will think that's the way to behave,' she told  'It's degrading for us Tongans.'

Mrs Fifita said the show and Jonah's character was 'in many ways' racist.

She particularly objected to the way the program's characters spoke as swearing in Tonga is taboo and disrespectful.

Mrs Fifita also said she was disappointed that the producers of the show didn't take on any of the information she provided, despite meetings with them twice last year for cultural research purposes.

However, ABC TV head of comedy Rick Kalowski rejected the accusations and said he didn't think the program was racist.

'Jonah from Tonga plays with stereotypes but it's doing so to make an observation about the narrow-minded attitudes expressed by some of its characters, including Jonah's own,' he said.

He added that aside from Jonah's character, 'every other Tongan or Islander character in the series is presented as a well-rounded, believable person without comic traits'.



Bird of Paradise said...

Many eco-wackos reject the idea of private property since many believe the idea that the earth owns us

Anonymous said...

Turns out they miscalculated about their ability to target this particular group.
Some groups you can mock - but generally they have to be white and Christian. Everyone else you'd better be careful of.

Anonymous said...

Typical lefties thinking they know better what is racists and what isn't. Enough of all the PC bullshit. Get rid of 18c and settles any issues in the court system. I'm sure the ABC would lose in court but nobody will pursue lefties under 18c.

Go Away Bird said...

Annon 8:08 liberals is just a codeword for Socialists

Anonymous said...

I was interested in reading Kowalski's comments about "Jew Haters" claiming that Jews control everything. When & why was that remark removed from this relevant blog of yours, if I may be so bold as to ask?