Sunday, June 01, 2014

"Darky" is a bad word

It's certainly a rather old-fashioned word.  And they were old guys who used it

TWO veteran radio commentators for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation have been suspended while management investigates an allegedly racist remark that went to air during a recent rugby league match.

Warren Ryan, a former premiership-winning coach, was heard saying: “There’s a line in a movie where the old darkey says, someone says, ‘quittin’ time.”

David Morrow was being investigated for finding it humorous.

Morrow was also suspended by ABC management last year after a joke described as racist unintentionally went to air.

The ABC announced the suspensions in a statement Friday, after complaints made by listeners following the May 23 match between the Sydney Roosters and Canterbury.

The statement said “both have been asked to submit a formal response regarding the matter ... until the investigation is complete, no further comment will be made”.



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the PC Nazis have made it so that if you wish to avoid their wrath the only way to do so is to never associate or communicate with or about black people. If you do so make sure that your conduct is as cold, aloof, and robotically professional as absolutely possible.

Anonymous said...

If you don't like PC, buy a Mac.

Bird of Paradise said...

Annon,11:54 and 8:25 PC is just another word for Socialism