Monday, June 02, 2014

Must not speak ill of politicians?

The BBC was last night accused of turning Question Time into a ‘joke’ after footballer Joey Barton compared voting for Ukip to picking up ugly girls in a nightclub on the flagship political programme.

In a heated exchange described as a ‘new low’ for the show, the Queens Park Rangers midfielder told a newly elected female Ukip MEP her party was just the least unattractive option.

To gasps from the audience, he told her: ‘You won the election? You won seats in the European Parliament that nobody really cares about.

‘All you represent to me as Ukip is the best of a bad bunch. If I’m somewhere and there are four really ugly girls and I’m thinking she is not the worst, that is all you represent to us.’

Louise Bours, an MEP for north west England, angrily responded, saying: ‘What an offensive thing to say. The ignorance that you spout it illustrates that footballers’ brains are in their feet.’



Anonymous said...

Why would a mainstream media company or its TV audience be interested in the ignorant opinions of an overpaid professional soccer player, many of whom are notorious for their borish behaviour and parvenu vulgarity.

Anonymous said...

Rather than act offended she should have turned it around on him. Mentioned that people as ignorant of politics as him are liken to the bloke that thinks all the girls at the bar are ugly because none of them are Jessica Jane Clement.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else notice that she insulted all footballers by saying that they have their brains in their feet? She's no better. His description perfectly describes our politicians here in the US.

Bird of Paradise said...

Worms,Reptiles,Rats,Politicians and Lawyers and other lower lifeforms

Anonymous said...

Although the comment was a stupid one I think there is plenty of truth in the underlying sentiment.
Most people are uninterested in politics, politicians and parliament.
IMHO UKIP benefitted from a huge amount of public dislike for the alternatives as much as, if not more than, their actual policies.
What we often call a 'protest vote'.

Go Away Bird said...

Back when liberals were trashing Reagan and calling it G=Free Speech but if you Trash Obama its Hate Speech in the micro sized brains of liberals