Friday, June 13, 2014

Suburban NY lawmaker under fire for racial remarks

Democrat unwisely spoke the truth. She probably thought she was among friends.  But Leftists are great back-stabbers so that was unwise too

A Long Island county legislator is rejecting calls from her fellow Democrats to resign after making comments about a predominantly black neighborhood that critics say were racially derogatory.

Critics took issue with comments Birnbaum made last month during a meeting to discuss a community center in the predominantly black neighborhood of New Cassel.

“She said, ‘Why would anyone want to go there?’ Then … she added, ‘It’s a bad neighborhood,’ and ‘It’s a ghetto’ and … ‘It’s full of those black people,’” Troiano said.

He added: “She then … whispered, ‘Come on, who from the rest of the town is going to go there? After all, mostly black people live there.’”

“She later added, ‘All they want to do is play basketball.’”

Birnbaum disputed the account of her remarks, saying, “Those are not my words” and then clarifying, “I did not use ‘ghetto.’”

She said Monday in a statement read to The Associated Press that she was “heartsick” about the pain her insensitive remarks had caused but would not resign.


Birnbaum is Yiddish for "pear tree" so she would appear to be Jewish.


Anonymous said...

"appear to be Jewish"? - who's the racist here ???

Anonymous said...

She should challenge all those calling for her to resign to go spend a couple of days and nights in the area so they can demonstrate how wrong she was.

Brian from Rochester, NY said...

Anonymous 2:05,

Precisely what is racist about a statement that simply attempts to identify the background of the speaker?

He did not follow the assumption with any kind of statement that was either insult or praise. Further, since when is "Jew" a race? Here I thought it was a religious affiliation.

Lastly, you point to an inconsequential piece of fluff instead of commenting on the fact that she belittled the people living in the area. Until now, one would surmise that, based on the MSM cherry-picked and/or questionably edited stories, only Republicans are anti-blacks. This shows that the Democrat party has its share of those who look down on the blacks.

Bird of Paradise said...

Tell those other liberal DemacRATS to GO POUND SAND

Anonymous said...

Should we look down on blacks? Well almost 60 years after the start of the Great Society blacks are worse off than before the Great White Father in Washington decided to help them out. So who's to blame? Liberals with their false promises? Blacks who fall for the same scam over and over again? How about both?

Think the libs really want to help? "I'll have those niggers votin' Democrat for the next 100 years." So said that all around compassionate huckster LBJ.

Do the blacks really want meaningful help? "Where does the money come from? Obama's stash." Famous quote from a Detroit black woman waiting in line for another government program designed to 'help' the poor. A real credit to her race, right?

I'm tired of helping out those who refuse to help themselves and would rather live their entire lives
as a worthless drag on civilized society.

I certainly wouldn't vote for this Democrat, but she spoke the truth. She'd never act on that truth in any meaningful way, but it's the truth nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

Reagan helped blacks more than any democrat ever did by creating booming economy which provided loads of good jobs.