Monday, June 23, 2014

Parents attack 'sexist' shoe ads: 3,000 protest against posters which use blue text to describe tree-climbing boys and pink for girls who 'love comfort and style'

Boys roll in mud and climb trees, while girls prefer sitting quietly and playing with dolls.

Or at least that’s what adverts for Clarks shoes would have you believe – triggering an online backlash from parents who complain the firm is being ‘sexist and offensive’.

The shoe shop has been accused of gender stereotyping on its posters which suggest boys need hard-wearing shoes for running around, while girls are more concerned with looking pretty.

One of the adverts, which are displayed in store, proclaims in blue: ‘Because boys test their shoes to destruction, so do we.’

Another poster, in pink, says: ‘Because girls love comfort and style, we design both into our shoes.’

Last night the firm said it was ‘never our intention to cause offence’ as it faced a barrage of complaints on Twitter.

Emma Dixon, a lawyer from Islington, north London, and mother of two boys and a girl, launched an online petition calling for the removal of the adverts, which last night had been signed by more than 3,000 people.

She said: ‘I was horrified to find gender stereotyped notices above the boys’ and girls’ shoes.  ‘These offensive posters suggest boys are active while girls are passively pretty.

A spokesman for Clarks said: ‘The wording in these in-store marketing displays was chosen to reference qualities that our customers value in children’s shoes. It is never our intention to cause offence.


The ads would seem to be a pretty fair reference to normal sex differences.  But Leftists are not interested in normality  -- except in attempts to change it.


Anonymous said...

Won't be happy until boys natural exuberance is beaten (or drugged) out of them.

Anonymous said...

Can we start an online petition to stamp out political correctness and attorneys

Use the Name, Luke said...

You can't claim same-sex "marriage" is legitimately equal to heterosexual marriage if there are actual differences between the sexes.

Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself Luke. By that argument mixed-race marriages aren't "legitimately equal" to same-race ones as "there are actual differences between the" races.

Anonymous said...

Can't a petition be raised to legislate against lesbian feminazi propaganda exposure to children under 18, a time at which they less vulnerable to pc bullshit?

Anonymous said...

Emma Dixon spewed: ‘I was horrified to find gender stereotyped notices above the boys’ and girls’ shoes.'

If she really wants to see horror, she just needs to look into the mind of this "Use the Name, Luke" person.

Use the Name, Luke said...

LOL! That's true. If she's horrified over pink and blue shoes reflecting legitimate gender differences, I would make her head explode!

Anonymous said...

That much is certain, Luke.

Bird of Paradise said...

I'm sure these wackos want their rainbow flags flying

Anonymous said...

I bet the word Tom-boy is now considered hate speech.