Sunday, June 08, 2014

Must not say ANYTHING negative about women

One of Australia's pin-up technology successes, Atlassian co-founder Mike Cannon-Brookes, has been forced to apologise for an employee's presentation gone wrong.

According to engineer Jonathan Doklovic, software is like a "demanding, complaining and interrupting" girlfriend. He made the remarks at the company's two-day developer conference in Berlin on Wednesday.

He was refering to Maven - a program to simplify and standardise projects built using the software language Java - as his girlfriend.

The presentation provoked a social media backlash and prompted Cannon-Brookes, the co-founder of the $3.5 billion software maker who has found much success in the US, to invoke Mahatma Gandhi in a bid to quell the ensuing social media storm.

He apologised for the actions but didn't say whether the engineer-in-question - who he originally hired - would lose his job.



Anonymous said...

It's a wonder all men aren't gay, or at least keeping female company to a superficial level.

Anonymous said...

I think one of the reasons all men aren't gay is because some gay guys can be even more irritating than women.

Anonymous said...

Only if you choose to keep the company of diva-type or just silly/camp gay-boys!

Anonymous said...

... a certain section of the gay population are as, or more, macho than any hetero guys.

stinky said...

The co in q is going to slide downhill with such craven leadership. The correct response would have been "get a life, people, he was making a joke."

Seriously, anyone think this ceo would have your back when it counts?

I thought not.

Anonymous said...

You would think the Germans would be a little more thick skinned. But I guess PC sissies have invaded all cultures..
Well.. maybe not Russia yet. No wonder Putin thinks he can take over Europe. The Russians are looking at all these crying little sissies and thinking, "Jesus, they'll just throw down their guns and wet themselves."

Bird of Paradose said...

What about saying women like to go to sales a lot