Wednesday, June 11, 2014

UN rights chief warns of xenophobic politics in EU

Ms Pillay is an Indian and it always amuses me when Indians accuse others of racism.  India is the home of the most fierce racism.  Indian castes are essentially races and higher castes will kill lower castes who get too uppity.  Physician heal thyself?

The recent rise in xenophobic rethoric from EU oliticians could pave the way for human rights violations, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said Tuesday in Geneva.

At the opening of the UN Human Rights Council‘s summer session, Pillay said that the xenophobic, racist and religiously intolerant discourse could undermine the fight against discrimination in Europe.

"There is a road to perpetration of human rights violations. And hate speech - particularly by political leaders - is on that road," she said.

Pillay added that the recent deadly attack at the Jewish Museum in Brussels was connected to this climate of extremism.

The UN rights chief pointed out that the newly elected European Parliament will include several extremists, including the former chief of the German National Democratic Party, Udo Voigt, who has said that "Europe is the continent of white people and it should remain that way."


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Bird of Paradise said...

The Hindus worship Cows,Elephants and Monkeys while letting their kids starve typical pagan bunch the liberal like