Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Some Warmist hate speech

See below. No argument, no facts, just assertion and abuse.  Received June 4 by Marc Morano.  The sender was given as  "Respect Science" [respect_science@mail.com] and the email was headed: "game over for you and yours"

I have waited many years to see what I am seeing now -- the long overdue awakening of intelligent life and political leadership on this planet, realizing that we cannot go on with greenhouse gas emissions at the rate we have without paying a terrible price.

You have been a terrible enemy of this awareness and intelligence, Mr. Morano. I have been among those who have watched your "work," always so sorry to see your lies, character assassinations, gleeful pursuit of wrong-headed goals. Nasty work by a nasty person. But your time of influence over now. I rejoice in this moment! wow! finally!

You should be ashamed of the role you have played, but I doubt you will allow yourself this realization. You should(but likely will not) suffer in fair measure equal to the suffering and damage you have set in motion, by relentless even gleeful assault on awareness and political will that is -- against all your efforts -- finally building now to unstoppable momentum. This momentum is looking, finally,  equal to physical forces now unleashed on this planet.   I take comfort knowing you have failed. Unfortunately a lot of suffering will yet ensue that you could have helped to prevent.

Awareness and truth are making your work more of a cartoon than it already was.  I am so glad about this, have waited for it.  2014 is sadly very late for this to be happening, but we have a chance now that action, policy changes, energy advances will yet take place in time to spare people of coming centuries from the worst that can happen, due to the ignorance and idiocy of people like you. Actually YOU,  not just people "like" you, others, sure, but YOU.  Wow, how you can live with this I don't understand.  May God have mercy on your soul. If it were up to me? no mercy at all. I'd castyou in the scene in Jurassic Park reboot,  where T Rex gobbles you up with your pants down in the porta potty. Henceforth I dedicate that scene in the original Jurassic Park to you!  cathartic!

Do us all a favor and shut up now. Please. The rest of us have work to do.

Via email


Anonymous said...

Global warming uh, I mean climate change faithful cling desperately to their new religion and vilify all who do not accept the dogma.

Bird of Paradise said...

100% of the Hot Air comes from Liberal politicians and Eco-Wackos

Stan B said...

Never let anyone say "Climate Change" when talking about CO2. If WARMING is not the problem (and they'll give excuses as to why it's not the term in favor anymore), CO2 is NOT the answer.

Go Away Bird said...

Notice the same bunch blabbering off their pie-holes about Global Warming and Climate Change live in big mansions drive gas guzzling limos that get perhaps 7 to 11 MPG fly all over the globe in their gulf-stream jets and produce Hot Air and Al Gore just one of his mansions uses $30:000 woth of electricity in one month that more then the avrage american house-hold uses in one Year