Monday, June 09, 2014

Jewish Lawyer plays the antisemitism card

Deplorable -- and unfaithful to Jewry.  By using the term for his own convenience he devalues the plight of all those who have suffered from real antisemitism

Attorney Jacob Hafter was miffed this week after District Court Judge Valorie Vega refused to allow him to “go dark” for a couple days during a long-scheduled trial to observe a religious holiday. (Hafter is an Orthodox Jew, and the holiday was Shavout, which celebrates the giving of the Torah to the nation of Israel.)

Naturally, Hafter called Vega a racist anti-Semite. No, really, he did: “Thirty years of legal experience means nothing if you are anti-Semitic or racist,” Hafter wrote on Facebook. “We need to make sure that, especially in light of the concept of absolute judicial immunity, we have judges in office that [sic] will not purposefully trample on our constitutional rights just because they are intolerant of others.”

(Full disclosure: Vega is married to my Review-Journal colleague Howard Stutz, who happens to be Jewish. Oh, also it’s important to note that there is no evidence whatsoever that Vega’s decision was motivated by anti-Jewish prejudice.)

Vega asked Hafter to remove to take down the offending post, so as not to taint the jury in the case that he’s trying in her court, but he refused. “I don’t see anything offensive to this court or to the plaintiffs in it. I just see a recitation of what happened in a factual manner,” Hafter said.

Hafter is apparently so bad, even his mom says she will not vote for him in an upcoming race for District Court judge. Mother and son apparently had a falling out over money a few years ago, and he’s called her “a terrorist,” and “insane.”


His Orthodox community should disown him


Anonymous said...

What's deplorable is the paper going to interview his mother for her opinion on her son. That would be like the paper going to Judge Vega's children and asking if their mom was ever mean to them, or spanked them. Seriously?!! I could understand maybe one article, the day after this happened, but 7 days of news coverage for something like this? Heck, the black kid that got killed by the Bureau of Land Management in Red Rock a few months ago didn't get this much press coverage. Apparently, calling a judge a racist has more news value than a human life. That's deplorable.

Anonymous said...

The US media is only interested in the "small town gossip" type of news, as that's what seems to attract the most interest from the general public because it has that same mindset.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought that the court would have attempted to accommodate the request and the judge had a good reason for denying it. Surely something like this is known about beforehand.
As for the Facebook post, I would have thought it was a contempt.

Anonymous said...

Does he take the public holidays that congress allocates? If so he has no call for special preference to his religion. It may be a Jewish holiday with a day of in Israel but it's not one in the US. Too bad, so sad.