Monday, June 30, 2014

Why Does the Left Hate Native American Names?

The Left is apparently on the warpath to expunge all references to Native American peoples from our lexicon. And it’s not just the Washington Redskins, Cleveland Indians and other sports franchises under threat of this ethnic cleansing of our language.

Now, a Washington Post op-ed calls for scrubbing tribal names from U.S. military hardware — Apache, Chinook, Black Hawk helicopters, Tomahawk missiles and mission names like Operation Geronimo (which got bin Laden), for example.

If successful, the Left’s war on Native American words will remove practically all verbal evidence of the people who occupied these lands before the invasion of the English, Germans, Dutch, Irish, Mexicans and others. Their legacy will survive only in textbooks, museums and casinos — and most Americans completely ignore two out of three of those.

Call the White House today and tell President Obama that he can scrub the mention of Islam from reports on terrorism, but he can’t take away our Native American names.



Anonymous said...

From O Brother Where Art Thou: "Is you is or is you ain't my constituents?" It's all about get votes.

Anonymous said...

They don't hate the American Indian names. Its white liberal guilt over the fact that their ancestors conquered the various Indian tribes across North America.

Anonymous said...

Can't call the White House...they'll just have to call the House. Otherwise, it's racist. Or something. This is beyond crazy.

Use the Name, Luke said...

When are they going to start going after states' names? Minnesota. Wisconsin. Delaware. Mississippi. Dakota.

I think the writer has a good point. How do you "respect" a culture by driving all references to it out of common usage?

Bird of Paradise said...

It all began back in the 1970's with Stanford

President Not Sure said...

Anon 3:05: I was watching that just a few weeks ago with a younger friend of mine and had to explain the significance of how his "Is you is or is you aint" speech ends.. He had heard the phrase "run out on a rail" before but never understood what the hell it meant until he saw it in the movie.

Back on topic though, I graduated high school as proud Cardinal Gibbons Redskin. Being a private school, 10 years after I graduated and being an alumnus, I started getting calls for donations. That was when I found out that they caved to the pressure and changed from the Redskins to the Chiefs. Now when they call, I tell them I dont know who these Chiefs are, but if the Cardinal Gibbons Redskins ever need donations, they only need to ask.