Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Toys R Us agree to drop sexist labelling of girls' and boys' toys after mounting pressure from campaign group

Retail giant Toys R Us has agreed to drop sexist marketing and gender stereotyping of its products to girls and boys.

The toy store has bowed to pressure from campaign group Let Toys Be Toys, who represent thousands of shoppers concerned with sexism in the toy industry and the impact it's having on children.

After meeting with campaigners, the chain have said they will now ensure their marketing is more inclusive, as well as removing explicit references to gender in store.

The toy giant's adverts will show boys and girls playing with the same toys, such as kitchens, toy guns and Lego, and they have promised to review the way toys are represented in their upcoming Christmas catalogue.

All have agreed to banish 'girls' and 'boys' signs from their aisles following intervention from campaigners.


The kids will make their own choices -- and boys will like they have always liked  -- and girls will like what they have always liked.  It's not shops that stereotype boys and girls.  They stereotype themselves.  The right stuff for each kid will be a bit harder to find now.  That's all


Anonymous said...

"The toy store has bowed to pressure from campaign group Let Toys Be Toys, who represent thousands of shopper..."

In most cases, it's usually a couple of radical leftists who form a "group" which creates the illusion that their numbers are far, far, greater than they actually are. Sadly, their intimidation seems to work on weak retailers who would rather surrender than fight.

Toys-R-Us has now left itself open to endless intimidation from every corner of the Left. Hopefully they'll be put out of business for their weakness.

Anonymous said...

Why not let all toys be available to all children whether girls or boys, and why pre-direct them by labeling and/or packaging to one gender-base or the other. Let the kid-market decide! (Though of course it's the prejudiced parent- market which actually decides as they hold the purse-strings!)

Anonymous said...

boys and girls will figure out what toys they like despite this. Funny that they don't care toy guns anymore, you know toys that boys like. Despite what liberals think, boys and girls are different.

Anonymous said...

2:49, why not let retailers market how they want to market? freedom of expression is something I personally like. Parents can always intervene and choose another toy store or tell their girl to behave more like a boy if they'd like. lol

Anonymous said...

I am so sick of the retard pc crowd. When I take my lttle boy to a store, we ask for the boy toy section if we can find it. People need to get a life.