Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Moderate Leftist experiences far-Left hate speech

Over at Mother Jones, Kevin Drum appears to have discovered what it is like for conservatives every single time we criticize the president:

    "If you express anything short of absolute condemnation of everything the NSA has done, your Twitter feed quickly fills up with hysterical proclamations from the emo-progs that you’re a right-wing shill, a government lackey, a useful idiot for the slave state, and an obvious fool. Conversely, if you criticize the NSA’s surveillance programs, your Twitter feed quickly fills up with equally hysterical proclamations from the O-Bots that you hate Obama, you’ve always hated Obama, and you’re probably a racist swine who’s been waiting ever since 2009 for a chance to take down the nation’s first black president."

Welcome to my world, Kevin. Just so as you know, this rule goes also for Obamacare, the economy, foreign policy, firearms law, and absolutely every other area of public policy. I have been called a “racist” for so long now that I’m almost looking forward to a Hillary presidency so that I can be called a “sexist” instead.



Use the Name, Luke said...

Congratulations Mr. Drum. Now you truly understand the left's only real argument: Shut up

Anonymous said...

Hey, wasn't Bubba Clinton the first black president?