Sunday, September 22, 2013

Must not laugh at fat people

An obese wheelchair-bound woman is suing a New York City EMT after he tweeted a photo of her with the caption 'Wide Load', it emerged today.

Teena Gamzon, 65, who suffers from diabetes and other ailments, says fire department EMT Thomas Dluhos secretly photographed her and then splashed it over the Internet.

He tweeted it from his now-defunct Twitter page with the caption: '#fatladytweets Look what my husband did to my wheels couch. That b*****d'.

The suit was filed in Brooklyn state Supreme Court this week and seeks unspecified damages for mental anguish, ridicule and emotional distress.

Her lawyer says his client is devastated and confined to her home with shame.  She told The New York Daily News: 'I’m devastated. We're made jokes of as it is.'

Dluhos, who allegedly posted a slew of racist comments on Twitter under the handle Bad Lieutenant has since been fired. The Twitter page has been taken down.



Anonymous said...

Now you know why Shakespeare said,

"If you want to solve the worlds problems, you must first start by killing all the lawyers..."

Dean said...

My knee-jerk opinion is that someone is looking for free money. But, I've never had an embarrassing photo of me posted on the internet for everyone to laugh at.

I do know it irks me no end when someone posts pictures of me on Facebook without my permission. I consider that a violation of my privacy. If they were embarrassing pictures, well, hmmmm. There might be verbal and perhaps physical consequences

Not legal though. No lawsuits. At least, I think not now.

Oh, and the guy who posted that picture comes across as an idiot.