Sunday, September 08, 2013

British man arrested for branding Gibraltar border check police ‘torturers’

A British man has been arrested in Spain after allegedly calling police officers in Gibraltar 'torturers' and publishing pictures of them on the internet.

The man, named by Spanish media as Emilio Esteban, launched the verbal assault on a website in retaliation for long queues at the Gibraltan border caused by security checks.

It is not known if Esteban comes from Gibraltar, where many Britons have Spanish names, but police revealed he has pleaded not guilty.

Jorge Fernandez Diaz, Spain's interior minister, said the post was 'an intolerable attack on security forces and the rule of law.'


This sounds like Spanish machismo.  Machismo is common in Mediterranean countries where families are dominated by mothers.  The teenage son engages in exaggerated displays of masculinity and bravado to pretend that he is not dominated by his mother.  It is childish and insecure.


Anonymous said...

Why do Brits, (British citizens i assume?) have Spanish names in Gibraltar? And, do they change their names back when at home in Britain?

Anonymous said...

I assume they are originally Spanish people who have lived in Gibralter a long time (or their ancestors have) and thus become citizens of Gibralter. As I understand it, Gibralter is a British dependency. Being a "British" citizen doesn't always mean the same as a "UK" citizen in passport or legal terms.