Monday, September 16, 2013

Restaurant workers fired after Facebook post that called Native Americans bad tippers went viral

American Indians are one of the sacred protected classes

Two employees at a North Dakota barbecue restaurant have been fired after a Facebook post suggesting Native Americans are bad tippers went viral.

The post included a photograph of Andrea Casson, a worker at Famous Dave's in Bismarck, holding a cardboard sign that says: 'Spare change? Help, I'm a server at Famous Dave's on Pow Wow weekend. Anything helps! 5c, 25c! It's more than my tips.'

The United Tribes International Pow Wow, held last weekend in Bismark, is an annual festival that attracts tens of thousands of Native Americans to the area.

Casson was pictured in the restaurant wearing her uniform. She and the employee who took the photo were both fired. The other employee hasn't been named.

'Like many employers, we employ many people. People have opinions. Social media allows an outlet for these opinions,' owner Mike Wright said in a statement on Facebook.

'Sadly, for reasons unknown to me, often times bitter employees also try to embarrass the employers and taint the businesses where they work. Clearly a recent post by a now former employee fits this description.'

He added that the post was 'obviously offensive and ridiculous.'



Anonymous said...

In my opinion employees anywhere should not have to rely on tips and should be paid a proper wage, while customers should pay what is reasonable to cover it. Tips are patronizing and embarrassing for both customers (who feel obliged to give something apparently extra), and for the serving employees (who feel obliged to fawn over customers to get a good tip). If the tip rate is more or less "fixed" it might as well be included in the check as a "service charge" (like in many countries). It short tipping is an archaic practise.

Anonymous said...

What is the difference between an Indian and his canoe?

The canoe tips!

Malcolm Smith said...

I'd like to see what he had to say about Australian tippers!

Anonymous said...

"the post was obviously offensive and ridiculous."

Yes, but was it true?
Here we see yet another sad story of someone's career and reputation being ruined by these social media sites. We are fast becoming a pathetically weak and stupid society.

Anonymous said...

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