Sunday, September 01, 2013

English people must not identify themselves as English in England!

A chip shop boss has insisted he’s not racist after putting up a banner boasting that the business now had 'English owners'.

Paul Bradbury insists customers 'want to know they are going to be served by somebody English' - even though the shop had previously been run by English people of east Asian descent and of Greek descent.

He and his wife Rachel took over the Chippy On The Green, in Hapton Road, Padiham, Lancashire less than a fortnight ago.

'People have said to us that they are glad somebody English is serving them and that the sign made them want to come in.

'They’ve never had anyone in the shop before. We are advertising that we are English.

'It doesn’t matter what colour or race you are, we’ll serve you. We welcome everyone here. I won’t be taking the sign down.

'We don’t want to upset anyone and we aren’t racist. We wouldn’t be serving foreign food if we were racist.'

The shop, which sells traditional English takeaways alongside Chinese food, kebabs and pizza, re-opened on Tuesday.

Gordon Birtwistle MP said: 'I would rather it didn’t say what it did. It would be better if it said "serving good quality food to the community". If it is causing consternation to people, it should either be taken down or changed.'

Gary Curson, a teacher at West Craven High School in Barnoldswick who lives near the shop, said he would not set foot in the takeaway again.  [So who's the bigot?]

Lancashire Police say they have not yet received any complaints about the banner.



Sivad Selim said...

I don't know what the problem is. They are simply stating the facts. If people don't like the facts, they can believe in any non-fact thing they want, like god or allah..

Anonymous said...

It's Britainistan, who cares.

Anonymous said...

Well, 2:34 AM evidently seems to care, or else he/she wouldn't have made a comment about the Britain of his/her clearly prejudiced imagination. Most of Britain's regions have very few or no "-stanis" living there. Or will he/she dismiss the whole of the US as "Afrozia" or "Asianesia"

Anonymous said...

Let's see. We have an Englishman proud of being English and thinks patrons will like the statement also. On the other hand, a teacher (undoubtedly rabidly liberal) and an MP (whose job depends on being politically correct) who don't like the sign. Let me suggest that the the correctness of the sign will be determined by the number of customers the business attracts. Remember you do not have a right to n0ot be offended.

Anonymous said...

Great, pretty soon it will offend someone if they look at a product and see where its made.

Anonymous said...

as long as englandstan is englandstan and letting the camel jockeys in, they will continue to diminish as a nation.

Anonymous said...

"Gary Curson, a teacher at West Craven High School in Barnoldswick who lives near the shop, said he would not set foot in the takeaway again."

Well, fuck. Turn out the lights and lock the doors. If GARY doesn't like us we're finished.


Anonymous said...

those libs cannot stand the truth