Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Must not mention that "coming out" may upset your parents

When they see the chance of grandchildren receding, most parents would probably be upset

Margarine giant Flora has become embroiled in a homophobia row after launching an advertising campaign that appears to liken a parent's anguish at being told their child is gay to a bullet through the heart.

On a pink background, the advert depicts the words 'uhh dad, I'm gay' fashioned into the shape of a bullet as it flies through the air towards a human heart made of china.

At the bottom of the poster, next to Flora's famous logo, appear the words: 'You need a strong heart today.'

The soft-spread monger, which is owned by consumer goods firm Unilever, has come under a barrage of criticism from gay rights groups who claim the advert, which appears to have come out of South Africa, is homophobic.

Twitter came alive with anger last night as users vented their outrage at the advert's connotations.

Jamie Rowe wrote: 'Dear @Unilever - great work with the homophobic Flora advert, d****ebags.

The campaign, apparently the brainchild of Lowe + Partners Johannesburg, also has a similar advert referencing the Kama Sutra.



Anonymous said...

One of the reasons radical gays are able to so easily intimidate people and companies is because, no one fights back. We have allowed ourselves to be convinced that simply disagreeing with gays is discrimination and hateful. Of course, you would have to be totally blind and brain-dead (not) to see where the real hate is coming from. Let's see if i can mimic their hatred.

Donate all you can to AIDS research. Not to find a cure, but to find a faster way of spreading it.

Anonymous said...

People don't have a right to have grandchildren and certainly not to expect that they turn out hetero, or as any particular personality, and neither to have children of any particular outcome. Children and grandchildren are what they are - get over it!
As for 1:30 AM's final very stupid and irresponsible paragraph - is he or she too dumb to realize that viruses (unlike 1:30) don't discriminate between gay and straight and "what goes around will come around" including infecting people 1:30 may care about (and not necessarily through sex or drugs!).

Sivad Selim said...

"you would have to be totally blind and brain-dead (not) to see where the real hate is coming from."

Well duh. The hate is coming from you, mofo.

Anonymous said...

Well 2:47, if you're one of them, then it's (you) who has to worry.

3:21, that's right towelhead, we can hate too. You'll be seeing it soon.

Anonymous said...

"Mofo" wow I'm impressed how you can use such big boy mature words! And filled with hate too!

Anonymous said...

Sivad Selim is Miles Davis spelled backwards, morons. You people are too stupid to post here. Go away.

Anonymous said...

I wish I knew where they sold Flora, I would buy a lot of their products.