Monday, September 16, 2013

Australia: Must not have a good word for Augusto Pinochet

Leftists believe that only they are entitled to use force against their political enemies:  Everyone else must obey the law.  Pinochet said "Phooey" to that and answered Marxist urban terror with terror.  He killed a couple of thousand but that is nothing compared to the millions that Marxists murder

The point below about the ousting of Marxist President Allende is correct.  Leftists always pass over it in silence but the fact is that General Pinochet removed Allende at the express request of the Chilean parliament  -- because Allende was riding roughshod over Chilean law

There are calls for a senior New South Wales Liberal MP to be reprimanded over a speech defending the late Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.

The State Government's Upper House whip, Peter Phelps spoke in State Parliament to mark the 40th anniversary of Pinochet's overthrow of Chilean president Salvador Allende.

"There are many who believe that General Pinochet was a reluctant hero, a morally courageous man," Dr Phelps told Parliament.

"We have to accept that sometimes it's necessary to do bad things to prevent terrible things.

"It's all too easy to say we believe we should never sanction dictatorship or that we should have no truck with evil, but such principles are foolish and self defeating in the real world.

"Yes, Pinochet killed people and if you know of any way to overthrow a government other than military force then let me hear about it."

In the aftermath of the 1973 coup d'├ętat several thousand of Pinochet's political opponents were killed and tens of thousands more tortured and imprisoned.

Greens MP John Kaye has called on Premier Barry O'Farrell to reprimand Dr Phelps over his comments, saying they are highly offensive to those scarred by the Pinochet regime.  "It is extraordinary that a senior Government position holder is justifying the very worst kind of terrorisms," Dr Kaye said.

The Opposition is calling for Dr Phelps to be sacked over his speech while Elizabeth Riviera, a member of Sydney's Chilean community, is outraged..

But Dr Phelps has rejected the suggestion he condoned any atrocities.

"What I did last night was defend the decision to remove Allende's regime, which is entirely justified if you look at the supreme court and the chamber of deputy decisions in relation to the Allende government," he said.

"At no time did I defend the regime and indicated my disgust at the number of people who'd been killed by him."



Anonymous said...

"Overthrow a Goverment without Military force". Yeah, vote the dead and free stuff.

Anonymous said...

Can you please clarify your exact thesis in Behavioural Sciences as I wish to cross-check your qualifications.
You present yourself as a political expert- yet your own educational background is not politics, nor political history, nor even any study related to history.
Your political essays often contradict historical fact and mainstream academic publication- such as time lines. You engage in over-generalizations and simplifications- one cannot believe a PhD graduate would be capable of consciously making.
I also very much doubt you have been published in any academic paper- you have very poor cause-effect arguments, you have many logical fallacies and you offer no counter-view.
Quite frankly, I think you are a parochial Australian who is poorly read, has poor grasp of European history including British Isles history, has little to no experience of realities which may impinge on his anxieties, is poorly travelled and quite frankly the political equivalent of a quack doctor.
The fact you subscribe to jihad Watch shows exactly what form of intellectual minnow you truly asre.

Anonymous said...

Incidentally,- do you subscribe to Jew Watch to balance your perspective or not?

Stefan v said...

Well, for an "intellectual minnow" he can at least spell. How about posting your name, Anon, since you're going to insult the man instead of refuting arguments with reason and your vaunted knowledge? As for Gus taking 17 years to bring 3000 wannabe commie revolutionaries to room temp....wtg Gus! Btw....far more people are killed in auto accidents, or by doctors (both mistakenly, and intentionally), or by suicide, and especially government. Think the commies would have taken 17 years to rack up 3000, or would that be more like a monthly bill? You hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the Auzzie in question will respond for himself as he has "the floor" or at least the site.

Anonymous said...

Jon rarely responds here. He is like the guy who starts a fight in a bar and quickly leaves.

Anonymous said...

Yep, he does seem to like to initiate comment-fights particuarly about atheists, homosexuals, blacks and brits. No doubt this Down Under guy has a good laugh at the mostly American posters on his website.

Stefan v the Non-Anon said...

He doesn't answer fools in their folly because that would put him at their level. I answer fools in their folly because there's too much folly about and we have to take a stand. Obviously I don't answer all fools I meet, all the time; there are other things to do like work, eat, sleep etc. The host likely goes toe to toe with fools on battlegrounds of his own choosing, too. Bye bye, fools and hypocrites, 'til the next time.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Stefan vainly thinks himself wise and judges others as fools.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Stefan is just brown-nosing the "one in charge". "An apple for the teacher"-syndrome!

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