Tuesday, September 10, 2013

British conservative comedian hits back at Leftist accusations

[Conservative] Comedian Jim Davidson has launched an angry tirade against Celebrity MasterChef winner [Leftist] Adrian Edmondson, labelling him an ‘arrogant, self-satisfied lefty’ and ‘the unfunniest man in the world’.

The outburst came in response to a newspaper article in which Edmondson criticised Davidson as being  ‘racist’, ‘homophobic’ and ‘dull’.

Davidson posted a message on his website stating that he’d seen Edmondson criticising him, adding: ‘Getting a slagging from the unfunniest man in the world is funny, eh? I’ve never liked that arrogant self-satisfied lefty, and I am so glad I get up his snooty nose.

Edmondson previously complained that Davidson embodied the kind of comedy which he hates, and which inspired his own ‘alternative’ stance in the 1980s.  He said: ‘Comedy on TV was mainly men in dickie bows telling racist and homophobic gags – they were all like Jim Davidson. It was kind of dull.’

Five-times married Davidson has previously appeared on a TV cookery show himself – Hell’s Kitchen  in 2007 – but was axed after making homophobic comments in which he branded gay men ‘shirtlifters’.



Anonymous said...

This must be a slow news day, Jon.

Anonymous said...

Completely irrelevant people with out-of-control egos.

Anonymous said...

Where is the lefts outrage over the n word spoken about 5,000 times in one song from blacks?

They also call white people crackers and rednecks, honkies... Why is it ok for them to disparage whites but blacks get their panties in a twist at every hint of "racism" from whites?

Here's a novel thought, if your "offended" STOP LISTENING TO HIM!

If someone on the right (like myself) does not like something we stop listening or turn the channel (like I do to rap), but if a leftist is "offended" it must be banned!