Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Australian public broadcaster labels a critic as a "dog f**ker"

More Leftist hate-speech

THE Australian Broadcasting Corporation has launched an investigation into the final episode of The Hamster Decides 12 days ago, following complaints about a segment involving journalist Chris Kenny.

Kenny, a Sky News presenter and associate editor of The Australian, was depicted as having intercourse with a dog while strangling it. The segment then showed the doctored picture of Kenny again, with the label "dog f . . ker".

Jennifer Collins, the head of entertainment, television told Media Watch the segment was not referred upwards as "it had a clear editorial purpose". The ABC declined to elaborate on what was the "clear editorial purpose" of depicting a journalist, known for being critical of the ABC, having sex with an animal. The piece drew complaints from viewers and is now being investigated by the ABC's audience and consumer affairs division.



Anonymous said...

Whenever you hear or see hate, there's no reason to try and find where it came from. Pure hate (always) comes from the Left, and they never miss an opportunity to prove it.

Anonymous said...

The ABC investigating itself is bound find no substance to the complaint. Time to take them off the taxpayer payroll permanently.