Friday, September 20, 2013

Brown British footballer receives a foul-mouthed rant from American woman for under-tipping

Ashley Cole suffered a foul-mouthed tirade from an American woman for reportedly not tipping well enough at a U.S. bar.

The incident happened when Cole, 32, was in St Louis for Chelsea’s post-season double header against Manchester City back in May.

Outside a Missouri bar where the defender and his mates were enjoying a quite drink, the woman confronted the group, and told Ashley: 'I hope this stupid a** gets robbed, gets beat, gets raped right here on the motherf****** sidewalk.'

The Chelsea star kept relatively calm as the woman continued her X-rated rant, and at one point asked: ‘Why are you getting so angry with me? No-one knows.’


One hopes management has by now fired the aggressive female bartender.  Who would go back to that business after encountering her?  

Tipping is a rather vexed matter these days.  Gone is the old 10% and even 15% is considered too low by some these days.  Cole probably followed the English custom, which is still around 10%.  How much simpler it is in places like Australia and Japan where there is no custom of tipping.


Anonymous said...

The problem in America is that the people who are advocates for "tipped" employees suffer a terrible disconnect with those who are actually being tipped. Many who get tips (i'd wager the majority) do not report cash tips to the IRS, and thus they don't pay taxes on them, so it's tax-free income. Their personal economy would suffer if tipping were eliminated. The "advocates" only see the "wages" they declare, and are outraged that people would work for so little!

Anonymous said...

It's the businesses that are at fault here. They pay their workers less than minimum wage and the workers depend upon the tips to make up the difference. And when cheap-ass customers do not properly tip, the business is not hurt; the worker is the one who gets hurt. I just bet that Stan is one of those cheap-ass diners, judging from his rant.

Anonymous said...

Read the very recent post criticizing the practise and culture of "tipping", especially in the US.

Anonymous said...

That liberals for ya. They assume they are entitled to my tax dollars so why wouldn't they assume they are entitled to outrageous tips too?

Yoda said...

If lousy service I receive, lousy tip waitress will receive (2 cents, not want waiter or waitress to think I forget tip). If courteous and prompt service with smile I receive, most generous tip I will leave. Waitress was maybe strong in the dumb and nasty side of the Force she was! Tip or what known as gratuity is, not a right-not owed, an acknowledgement of proper service it is!

Anonymous said...

Stan B is quite right about tips being a tax-free income in the US, that's why businesses pay their servers less, and the servers know that going in. This is nothing new.

As for tipping itself, many servers, (or their advocates) believe that "they have a right to a tip". They do not! A tip is a sign of appreciation (for good service), not because it is the customers obligation. If the service is not good, then no tip should be given.

There was an occasion when i left a $.01 tip on the table, then stood there and waited for the waitress to say something. (yes, the service was that bad) She walked by, looked at the penny, looked at my face, then walked away. Point made.

Anonymous said...

The purpose of an income is earned; not a right. That is why it's called "EARNED INCOME". However, Americans have been chided for "culture incentivity". In this case, the limie's are shown they'er also lacking cultural understanding and custom.

Anonymous said...

But it reflects very badly on Americans as a whole if some employees yell at foreigners who don't know all the customary practises when merely visiting a bar or restaurant in the States.