Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Zimmerman hysteria

The biggest outpouring of hate speech today is in America.  It surpasses even what is coming out of Muslim lands.  And it comes of course from the Left and from black race hustlers.  It  is aimed at George Zimmerman,  a tubby Hispanic do-gooder.

All the evidence shows that George Zimmerman shot Trayvon Martin only after Martin had knocked him down and then continued attacking him.  Zimmerman fired to save his life.

All the media depictions of Martin show an innocent little kid  -- but those photos were taken long ago.  The photo above is a recent one of Martin.  The Left-run media are running a deliberate attempt at deception  by photograph. 

And how many reports mention that Martin was in fact 6'3" tall?  Some kid!  Martin was in fact  an aggressive young black buck walking in a gated community where the presence of a black would be unusual and could reasonably be expected to cause apprehension.    Zimmerman is 5'9" and not in good shape so he would be a snack for Martin.

Much more detail at GUN WATCH,  with more to come.  See also the comments by Thomas Sowell on today's DISSECTING LEFTISM


Stan B said...

Martin's family has already said that the eyewitness account of their son beating Zimmerman prior to the shooting is an attempt to "defame" their son. How dare we confuse the issue with the facts?

Bird of Paradise said...

The news media will never ever tell the truth they lie,fabricate,deceive becuase most of the media are all leftists sludgeworms

Anonymous said...

And how many reports mention that Martin was in fact 6'3" tall?

Initially, not many as his size was not known. Now it is.

Some kid! Martin was in fact an aggressive young black buck walking in a gated community where the presence of a black would be unusual and could reasonably be expected to cause apprehension.

Sanford, the area and the gated community in question are racially diverse, Jon. There were and are blacks, Hispanics, and whites living within the complex.

That means the idea of a black person walking in the area was not "unusual" as you claim.

Also, for the record, for a blog that purports to defend "freedom of speech and expression," wouldn't that mean Martin's choice of clothing would be up to him? Not you, Sowell, or Rivera?

Lastly, on the hoodie issue, you do know that it was raining / misting that night, don't you? Wearing a head covering in that type of weather is perfectly acceptable for anyone.

Martin had the legal right to be where he was. Zimmerman had the legal right to report him to the police. Martin had the legal right to run. Zimmerman had the legal right to follow. Martin had the legal right to be in the area where the confrontation took place. Zimmerman had the same legal right to be in the same place at the same time.

It is after all those facts that the actions of both men may or may not be legal.

Let law enforcement and the authorities figure out what happened without trying to fit people into stereotypes.

Anonymous said...

I believe the gated community is only 49% white. Having lived in that area, there are not a lot of hispanics or asians - it is mostly black and white.

Nonetheless, if Zimmerman was black, nobody would have given a shit. I wonder what happened to the crime rate in the area after the shooting?


A. Levy said...

In the PC'ized world we live in, it is impossible to speak without someone being "offended" or considering it "hate speech". There is almost nothing you can say that wouldn't be seen as hateful by someone. This is why political correctness was created, to change and limit our ability (and right) to speak freely. And like terrorism, the only thing required for PC to grow stronger is a gullible and weak-minded population. And we sure have that!

The price for weakness get's higher every day, doesn't it.

Anonymous said...

Well said A. Levy. Another reason we see so many accusations of "hate" speech is because those on the left consider anything they dislike or disagree with to be "hate" speech.

I find it truly amazing how so many of the American people could so easily have given up their freedom and liberty. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Zimmerman will go from one gated community to another (prison).

Anonymous said...

And Martin has gone from heaven to hell.

Sig said...

My question to the country is this:

If Mr. Zimmerman is brought before a Grand Jury, is sent to trial, and it is determined that he acted within the law and is found not guilty, will you support him and the legal system, or will you cry foul because a black youth was killed and call for vigilante justice?

Anonymous said...

If a black man named Mr. Zimmerman shot and killed a 6'3" white 17 year old youth named Treyvon Martin under the same circumstances, would your reactions be the same?

Anonymous said...

It would not surprise me at all.

Anonymous said...

When the truth comes out there will be a riot, they will all be "justified" in looting, they will get whatever they want.