Thursday, March 22, 2012

Police can "terminate" your 1st Amendment rights?

No freedom of the press?
"While covering a story about the shooting death of a young Little Village girl, two Chicago journalists were taken into police custody.

The incident began after a Chicago police officer barred the news media from the public sidewalk in front of Mt. Sinai Hospital. Other officers also arrived. Then, police detained a reporter from WGN and a photographer from NBC5.

"Your First Amendment rights can be terminated if you're creating a scene or whatever," a police officer was heard telling the journalists.

Both journalists were released a few minutes later. No charges were filed.


Seems a clear case of unlawful intimidation, even if it was shortlived. The cop would seem to need legal advice.


Anonymous said...

"Your job can be terminated if you're creating your own set of laws or whatever." a police officer was being told by his superiors...

Bird of Paradise said...

Chicago still a place of coruption and vice they dont call it the windy city for nothing RUN BY THE DEMACRATIC WINDBAGS

Anonymous said...

Creating a scene (or distrubance) in a public place is called, Disorderly Conduct, and is a Misdemeanor charge. It requires the use of "loud and profane" language to be used to the point where a crowd is caused to gather.

It (does not) terminate your Constitutional rights, unless of course, you happen to be in a city run by The Fuhrer, Rham Emmanual.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The officer may have just been summarizing an existing law in a poor manner. I was an officer in Texas for 12 years and we have a law surrounding the blocking of public passageways. So if you were a reporter, camped out on and blocking a sidewalk with all your junk, you could be asked to move along. If you refused, then you could be cited/arrested. Their freedom of the press cannot interfere with a citizen's freedom to walk down a provided sidewalk.

Anonymous said...

This is Chicago, so apparently the organizations they worked for hadn't been paying bribe money.

Go Away Bird said...

Dont forget the former mayor RICHARD DALEY has totaly rejected the constitution like any true liberal leftists reptile

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Anon 455 on this one. It could very well be that the officer is just not that articulate and is definitely not a statesman. There are quite a few thuggish law enforcement out there, but this isn’t enough to say for sure that this officer is one.

Kee Bird said...

Chicago is direived froma indian word meaning BAD SMELL sort of fits dont it?

Anonymous said...

odummy clones in chicago police.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that we always blame the police for enforcing laws made, not by them, but by the elected lying crooks WE elect?

Flu-Bird said...

You mean the ones in city hall annon 2:00 the ones making these laws