Friday, March 30, 2012

British doctor fired after emailing prayer to colleagues

We read:
"A British doctor claims he was fired after emailing a prayer to his coworkers to "motivate" the department.  Dr David Drew, a Christian, emailed a prayer by St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, to colleagues at Walsall Manor Hospital, in western England, the Derby Telegraph reported overnight.

The 64-year-old, who is claiming unfair dismissal, first became the subject of an internal investigation after he raised concerns about the conduct of his colleagues on the hospital's pediatric ward, a hearing was told.

Dr Drew told an employment tribunal in Birmingham of two occasions when children were sexually assaulted on the ward and one when a child died after a consultant let him go home.

He complained about the consultant who oversaw the fatality case and was stripped of his role as clinical director. When he later complained about a nurse he described as "very rude," an investigation was carried out into his conduct.

Dr Drew was then dismissed after failing to accept one of the recommendations of the probe, which was that he "refrain from using religious references in his professional communications, verbal or written."



Anonymous said...

It's Britain. Who cares.

Anonymous said...

It's an Anglophobe @ 1:35 AM. So who cares about xenophobes!

Bird of Paradise said...

Brtian is going down the hole very,very fast becuase of the atheists,secularists nuts

Anonymous said...

Should have claimed he was a fucking mooseslime, he would have been ok.

Go Away Bird said...

They have fallin hook,line and sinker for this secular darwinists poppycock

Anonymous said...

There are many religious hospitals in the States that would very much welcome his professional and personal conduct. It is sickening (pun intended) the direction that the UK is continuing with its healthcare system. In many places the NHS has been rated third world quality. A physician who has such care for his patients would be very much welcome in most other places and in many countries, not just the United States. I hope he considers immigration (pssst.. doc.. at least for now... you would make more money in the USA)

Anonymous said...

There's not a health-care system in the world that isn't criticized because there are always inherent problems not least the financing. However, the US has unfairly mis-represented the problems in Europe in a propaganda war about its own internal health care issues, which is usually political or party-political in nature.