Monday, March 12, 2012

So-called comic pays a price for his foul language

We read:
"Following Greta van Susteren’s call for a boycott of the annual Radio & TV Correspondents’ Dinner for inviting comedian Louis C.K. — who Van Susteren dubbed a “pig,” and who has been known to call Sarah Palin a c–t — C.K. has reportedly backed out of the dinner, saying he “just didn’t want to do it anymore.”

FreeRepublic’s Kristin Taylor thinks this Van Susteren post was probably involved

Taylor also said C.K. should never have been invited in the first place, and attributed the invitation to the liberal bias of the Washington media. “It’s because he said those things about Sarah Palin that the D.C. media thought it was OK,” he argued. “If he had said those things about Michelle Obama, no way in hell he would’ve been invited.”


This is how disliked speech SHOULD be dealt with -- by more speech, not censorship


Anonymous said...

Greta van Susteren used to be a good lawyer. Now she is just Rupert Murdoch's bitch.

Bird of Paradise said...

Those annoying foul mouthed comedians deserve to get their mouths washed out

Anonymous said...

And, her husband (?) is a hard-core, long-time lawyer with the ACLU. She is not the conservative some people think she is. In fact, there are "very few" real conservatives at Fox.

I wonder if the day will ever come when the American people wake up and realize what the MSM truly is, not journalists, but political operatives for the Demoncrats. That fact should strip them of their highly-abused 1st Amendment protections.

Anonymous said...

The American people have to realize that only when the MSM is held to the fire will they ever be forced to speak the truth.

JR said...

"just Rupert Murdoch's bitch."

Not a very profound comment

Use the Name, Luke said...

Not a very profound comment

But all too typical of "Anonymous".

Go Away Bird said...

Have wonder woman tie them up with her magic lasso it makes people tell the truth