Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Gun phobia in baseball

We read:
"The Houston Astros‘ plan to commemorate their franchise’s 50th anniversary this year hit a roadblock when Major League Baseball officials decided players could not wear special “throwback” uniforms featuring the team’s original name — the Colt .45s — with their original logo, a pistol.

Players instead will be wearing versions of the original uniform but with the gun image removed.

That‘s a call that didn’t sit well with one Astros fan, who fired off a complaint to the MLB, accusing the organization of letting “misplaced political correctness destroy one of the greatest uniforms in baseball history.” According to Astros Daily, the team’s authentication manager Mike Acosta sent back the following reply:

"During our discussion with Major League Baseball, it was expressed to us that we could wear the uniform as long as the pistol was removed. We realize this changes the original design, but we still want to honor the Colt .45s. We are also under an obligation to follow Major League Baseball’s requests."

The Astros were known as the Colt .45s from 1962 through 1964, when the name changed over the licensing dispute. The Colts uniforms are among several retro jerseys players will wear during home games on special “Flashback Fridays.”

It‘s not like we’re subjected to 1,437 images of guns each day — from No. 1 selling video games to primetime television. Nope, it’s the pistol on the chests of what will likely be a 100-loss team — for all of two early season games! — that will send the wrong message to children. In a state where it’s legal to carry a concealed firearm, no less. Yup, got it. Makes sense.



Bird of Paradise said...

The major league baseball oficials need to give it a rest and quit being so darn PC about it all

Anonymous said...

More and more American sports are becoming sackless nancy sports. I'll have to start watching the NZ Rugby team instead.

Anonymous said...

If they were the Houston muslims, i bet they would allow the image of a rusty knife, a bomb vest or a whip to be on the uniform.

Stan B said...

Guns don't kill people! Images of guns on baseball uniforms for 2 of 180 games kill people!

Anonymous said...

Guns don't kill people. Bullets do. Ban bullets. Keep your fucking guns.

Anonymous said...

ban liberals..

Go Away Bird said...

Ban Political correctness