Saturday, March 31, 2012

Australian man "shamed" for celebrating  death of a cop

Judging by the Liam Stacey case, he would be in jail in Britain.  Though maybe not.  The cop who was killed was white, so he doesn't matter
He openly celebrated the shooting death of a police officer, announcing he "could not ask for a better start" to his weekend.
But the mother of Ben Dignam - who was yesterday named and shamed for his Facebook posts revelling in the death of Tamworth officer Senior Constable David Rixon - said he is "not a bad kid".

Close to tears, Liz Dignam said her son was a good guy whose comments were made because of a few bad experiences with police in the past.

Radio host Ray Hadley, who exposed Mr Dignam's behaviour, described his comments as "vile and abhorrent".

Mrs Dignam said the comments made by her son were inappropriate and disrespectful, and he was sincerely sorry.



Anonymous said...

Notice how the infamous PC-Nazi's are not jumping all over this guy?

Bird of Paradise said...

Make him sit in the corner with a dunce cap on his head

Anonymous said...

So much for free speech.

Anonymous said...

Why does JJ always have to have a dig at Britain even when the issue isn't even about Britain? Is this another pathetic case of "colonialist inferiority complex"? So what if your ancestors were deported DownUnder to oppress the natives in turn!

Brian from Rochester NY said...

Anon 2:20,

It wasn't a dig at Britain. It was a compare & contrast, which is vastly different.

Anonymous said...

There's too much irrelevant comparing and contrasting between the US and Britain/Europe, when it's more like deflecting attention. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, as the saying goes.