Tuesday, March 13, 2012

NY: Orgasms of righteousness all round at Fordham U

If past experience is any guide the graffiti were put there by Leftists or minorities
Students at Fordham University rallied against intolerance Thursday night after racist and derogatory graffiti was discovered on campus earlier this month. Chanting "We are the students," the group marched to Fordham Plaza to discuss a petition that's already received more than 15,000 signatures.

Saying that the administration isn't doing all it can to prevent bias incidents, students are asking for apologies from the university and revisions to the school's hate crimes response protocol.

Graduate student Zellnor Myrie said the rally was held "so that the university can be proactive in pursuing" offenders. "And so these institutional changes are something that we believe can be done and can be done rather swiftly," he said.

"I think students are fed up," added student Libby Gatti. "We're ready to see some changes, we're starting to realize our own power and our voice."

In addition to investigating the incidents and notifying the police, the university says it has held meetings and community events to address bias.



The American said...

Saying that the administration isn't doing enough is like saying that if ONE person is murdered, the police are not doing enough to protect the people.

You do NOT have the right to not be offended!

Unfortunately these young people do not understand the system they are advocating. If you do not want to be offended or see anything racists, hurtful, sexists, etc… that is called fascism, stalinism, socialism and it will lead directly to nobody having any freedom. They are advocating for the college administration to become thought police.

If you want the freedom to express your views, then you have to sit there and allow someone to shout at the top of their voice something that is so hateful and offensive that you would spend the rest of your life denouncing at the top of yours.

THAT is freedom of speech!

The founding father believed that we either have free speech for all or free speech for none. And that include racists and everyone you disagree with.

I for one do not want to silence anyone. Idiots that espouse this type of hate, I WANT them to talk, I WANT to have everyone see them for what they are. Light is the best disinfectant there is to people like this.

Bird of Paradise said...

Who placed that graffiti a radical or a minoraty student seeking controvercy?

Anonymous said...

the hell with fordham and the spoiled asshole students there. Poor things, have never seen graffiti before..dummies.

Anonymous said...

The American: Extremely well put!!

Go Away Bird said...

In that case annon 5:20 their parents need to totaly cut off their money and make the spoiled little brats geta job instead of laying in their dorms all day press their remotes

Kee Bird said...

Fordham,U.C. BERKLEY,U.C. SANTA CRUZ are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our rotten collage system