Monday, March 19, 2012

Maher hate speech embarrassess Southern Democrats

We read:
"Alabama Democrats are scrambling. This Saturday night they have a fundraising event that, at least at one time, featured Bill Maher. Democrats could come to hear Bill Maher spew his brand of comedy for the low, low price of only $100.00 per donor. Now, this has them in a good, old fashioned, southern conundrum. Bill Maher has a reputation for unapologetic misogyny.

He has called women, public and private citizens, even children names that would make Sandra Fluke blush. But on Super “Deep South” Tuesday, as Alabamians were enjoying their historic opportunity to engage in the National spotlight of the Presidential Primaries, Bill Maher called it “Toothless Tuesday.” Thus establishing himself as not only misogynistic, but also anti-southerner. This does not bode well with wealthy Dixiecrats who usually attend Party related fundraising events, such as the one Maher was to grace Saturday evening.

This left Democrats scratching their heads, scrambling to say the event was off, then on, then scrubbed of Maher but still taking place, then to pointing fingers at Republicans saying that they made the whole event up.


Insulting stereotypes of the South are not good politics


Bird of Paradise said...

Then might i suggest the demacRATS stop watching and attending his show and quit supporting the jerk

Anonymous said...

Go Bill Go!!!

Anonymous said...

"i suggest the demacRATS stop watching"

What democrat will EVER listen to such a moron like BoP?

Dr. No said...

The useful idiots, (a.k.a. Demoncrats) being delusional, will do what they always do, blame Republicans.

BTW, is Maher still married to the black street hooker he's lived with for years?..... Oops, was i not supposed to ask that?

Anonymous said...

"The useful idiots (a.k.a. Demoncrats) being delusional"

Talk about calling the kettle black. LOL.

Bird of Paradise said...

Annon 2:34 do you think this maher dweeb is funny? YOUR TOTALY PATHETIC

Anonymous said...

"Annon 2:34 do you think this maher dweeb is funny? "

You betcha! Learn to spell, moron. YOU'RE TOTALLY PATHETIC. Note that I corrected your spelling. You must have been home schooled in a chicken coop.

Dean said...

Anon 5:23: Maher isn't funny - he's pathetic and apparently not very bright. Those who use obscenity and profanity in place of thought show their ignorance.

That goes for Limbaugh also.

Anonymous said...

Dean, when did you hear Limbaugh use profanity?

Dean said...

Anon 2:39 Sorry. You are correct. 'Slut' is neither obscene or profane.

Just uncalled for.

My apologies.