Saturday, March 31, 2012

British woman fired  for REFUSING to wear blackface makeup

Damned if you do, damned if you don't
"An actress, who claimed she was axed from a production of South Pacific after refusing to 'black up,' has been thrown out of her amateur operatic group.

Ros Broad, from South Petherton, Somerset, was horrified when cast members were ordered to coat their faces in ‘mahogany brown’ make-up for the Yeovil Amateur Operatic Society (YAOS) show.

She and three other actors refused to don the face paint and were axed from the production she claims. Following a meeting on Monday, Mrs Broad has also had her 20-year membership with the group revoked.  It is thought the other members who refused to wear the face paint are still members of the society.

Now YAOS could be referred to the Equality and Human Rights Commission by a race relations charity after singing teacher Mrs Broad was left ‘humiliated’ by the ordeal.

Somerset Racial Equality Council’s David Onamade said he would be looking for answers from YAOS and could take the matter to the Equality and Human Rights Commission.  'I think the group is ill-advised and this amounts to victimisation,' he said.



Anonymous said...

Could Britain get any more pathetic than it already is?

Bird of Paradise said...

The utter nonsense of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS is totaly rediculous

Anonymous said...

@1:36 You mean as pathetic as all we read, see and hear about the United States of A-mess-ica?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:14, as bad as America is, it'll never be the nation of pansy's Britain is.

Yes, we had to save your useless asses from the Nazi's, but you had better start worrying about who's going to save you from the radical Muslims now swarming all over "your" country.

Brian from Rochester said...

OK, folks, how about we get off this country bashing and focus on the real subject?

She refused to 'black up' as she called it, so she was cut from the production. So what? The director needs to know that the people will follow his/her 'directions'. If not, you're out.

As for her ouster from the YAOS, how do we know there wasn't more going on to have the board decide to let her go? Maybe they had other reasons.

Turning this into a 'race relations' issue is absurd.

Anonymous said...

Well said Brian.